What is remote work

What is Remote work, sometimes also called Work from Home or WfH. But as many know working from Home or Remote is not exactly the same. One of the benefits of working Remotely is that you can work from any location in the world, not just your home.

Many companies started with testing remote work during the Covid19 empedemic and some succeed and some failed. It all depends on the companies structure and how everyone in the team is willing to work together remotely.

RecruitmentFriday is specialized in offering Remote jobs, especially for companies which have the Remote working in their DNA. These companies work for many years already with remote workers and know how to get you on board with it, even if you never did consider remote work.

With Remote working you will have many benefits, in example you do not need to commute to work every single day, saving your hours in a day to do things you love and like. If it is being with your children more or just doing that hobby you love the possibilities are endless.  And that is just the start.